Sunday, April 27, 2014

SPRING – The Force of Life Prevails

The Force of Life – plant emerging through minuscule slit in an aluminum can
     For many people, a picture that speaks 1000 words is enough. 

     For others I share the story that led to me finding this spring plant as a message of the FORCE of life and power of rebirth and connecting with the light.

     Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of driving in the foothills west of Loveland Colorado. Following a winding narrow dirt road, I drove slowly admiring the beautiful scenery around me. Layers of maroon-colored sandstone were covered by sage and bright young grass. The beauty of springtime in the Rockies entered my eyes and saturated my mind, body and emotions.  While driving, I also ate a crisp, tart, Fuji apple. Thoroughly savoring the taste and texture of the apple, I wasn’t mindful of thorough chewing. Some apple got caught in my esophagus and I noticed some slight pain behind my sternum. Thinking to push it down, I chewed and swallowed the remainder of a gluten-free poppy seed cookie.  Yikes – more pain and pressure. That painful knot in my chest got worse. I drank some water. Bad choice! Now the apple, cookie and water were all backed up.  I pulled over to the side of the road, gagging up the water cookie mixture. I got out of the car, walked around, practiced slow deep breathing, and frantically tapped myself on the chest and envisioned those chunks of apples getting out of my chest and into my stomach. With time eventually the gagging and pain all resolved, and the apple got to its rightful place in my stomach.  

     As I walked around this small patch of ground by the edge of the road, I saw this flower emerging from the surface of a smashed can. I paused for a moment in AWE of this mystery and miracle. Not seeing a visible hole in the surface of the can, I was concerned that any further growth would be stunted. Leaping into action, I attempted to open a hole and extricate the small plant. Unsuccessful at this rescue attempt, I,  ended up cutting off the top of the plant and leaving small stem and the roots on the ground.

     I paused feeling slightly guilty at having decapitated the plant in my rescue attempt,  yet also amazed at the force of life. A small seed survived winter’s freeze, to emerge in a glimmer of light towards the sky.  The opening in that aluminum clan was less than a millimeter wide and less than a half a centimeter long.  As I got back in the car, I wanted to share a vision of this FORCE and miracle with others.

I went back and recreated the image.  I picked another small plant and poked its stem through the slit in the can. (I actually had to open the slit in the can to get the stem in.)  And then took the picture that you see above.

     In April three years ago, in the process of rebuilding my health, I made a  FIERCE commitment to living and to practicing self-love. This small plant reminded me of that FIERCE commitment to life.  The plant is an inspiring reminder of  emergence… of an earth filled with new beginnings.

How is the miracle of life showing up in your life?
The Force of Life?
The Fierceness of life?
With love and gratitude for all that is

Dr Sharon